Hydraulic measurements at the Plant Hydraulic Lab

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March 26-30, 2018 - Hydraulic measurements at the Plant Hydraulic Lab, UMR PIAF, Clermont-Ferrand

We have just spent one week at UMR PIAF hosted by Hervé Cochard, Eric Badel, José Torres-Ruiz, with our collegues Jean-Marc Limousin (CEFE CNRS) and Jesus Rodriguez-Calcerrada (UPM, Madrid, Spain) to understand how Quercus ilex and Pinus halepensis acclimate their vascular system to drought.

We applied many innovative techniques to estimate dessication resistance of leaves and branches collected from trees at the experimental sites of #Font-Blanche and #Puechabon that were subjected to different drought treatments including rainfall exclusion and thinning treatment. We believe this collaborative project will help us to understand how do tree acclimate to drought and why did some trees completely dessicated at Puechabon site whereas they didn’t at Fontblanche during the extreme drought events of 2016 and 2017.

Analysis is on going….

More informations and pictures on the Puechabon web site :



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